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TOMRA invites visitors to reverse vending display in Sydney

TOMRA Collection Solutions (TCS), the international market leader in reverse vending (RV) technology, is expanding its presence and partnerships in Australia, as it prepares for the upcoming New South Wales (NSW) deposit system.

12 oktober 2016

In support of TOMRA’s long-time distributor Revive Recycling, a home base has been established at the Sydney office of TOMRA Sorting Solutions in Castle Hill, where TOMRA’s mining industry activities in Australia are coordinated.

TOMRA T-9 RVMs with MultiPac backroom systemIn addition, a newly-established showroom provides the opportunity to present TOMRA’s latest-generation reverse vending and depot technology to interested parties and potential partners.

The technology on show includes two T-9 reverse vending machines (RVMs), in combination with a 4-cabinet version of TOMRA’s award-winning MultiPac backroom, for compact, convenient sites. 

It also includes a bulk solution for use at depots, hubs and counting centers.

TOMRA Bulk Collection systemBoth solutions utilize TOMRA’s patented 360-degree “flow technology,” which results in world-class performance and speed, and allows the take back of all eligible deposit containers through the same machine, including liquid paper board cartons (LPB). These systems are modular, scalable and flexible, which enables us to provide custom-made solutions for different volume and sorting requirements.

Beside the technical flexibility, TOMRA is also able to offer a number of different financing models, reducing up-front investment requirements for charities, councils and other parties with limited capex budgets.

The team looks forward to welcoming interested visitors, to presenting our technology and our worldwide experience with deposit schemes, and to jointly developing state-of-the-art solutions for the upcoming NSW deposit scheme.

CDS in Australia

Earlier in the year, the government of NSW officially announced that it will introduce a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) on beverage containers, commencing on July 1, 2017. The relevant legislation is expected to pass through Parliament in Q4 2016, followed soon after by the needed regulation.

In parallel with NSW’s deposit introduction, two other Australian States - Queensland and Western Australia - announced that they will introduce a CDS in 2018.


TOMRA ( is a global leader in recycling and resource efficiency technology covering areas such as container recycling, food sorting and mining, with operating revenues of NOK 6.1bn (approximately AUD 1bn) in 2015.

TOMRA is the inventor of and market leader in reverse vending technology with over 75,000 machines installed around the world, collecting in excess of 35 billion containers every year. TOMRA also operates collection centers and acts as the central system coordinator in a number of deposit markets.