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Interested in finding out what we offer in terms of compensation, benefits, training, development and other opportunities? You'll find more information here.

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General compensation and benefits

All our employees are offered a competitive compensation package in line with industry standards of the country where their positions are located. Our benefits package includes a variety of elements to enhance the quality of life and security for our employees and their families. Pension and insurance schemes offered are in accordance with local rules and regulations and may therefore vary between locations.

Professional training and development

We encourage our people to continue learning and challenging themselves throughout their careers. Whether learning happens through seminars, conferences, virtual learning, coaching, mentoring, or other relevant programs, we support employees who challenge themselves into becoming better at what they do - for the benefit of both themselves, TOMRA and our customers.

International work opportunities

We believe that there is a lot to gain from working internationally, both professionally and personally. TOMRA is a very international company, with activities in more than 80 markets across the world. Employees are highly encouraged to take on international assignments and be mobile within our operations. In addition to being a career-enhancing opportunity, we see international assignments as very valuable when we are expanding our business operations.

Work – life balance

At TOMRA, we believe that one of the keys to great performance is maintaining an appropriate balance between work and life outside work. Imbalance can create stress, lack of focus, demotivation, reduced effectiveness and poor performance. Alternative work schedules may be applied at management discretion where practical. Ultimately, all of these concepts are created to ensure that we provide our customers with the best possible support and service. Focus on work-life balance has beneficial effects for all concerned.