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nimbus sorting machine by tomra

The Nimbus free-fall sorting machine is the answer to the food industry’s continuously high requirements and individual processors.



Monte Vista (California, US)

Monte Vista is a grower and packer of California almonds, located in Denair. They seek out customers who are very demanding and wat the best quality almonds that California can produce. With TOMRA, they increased safety, volume and flexibility, all in one package.  


Founded in 2005, Jayleaf is a family-run processing and distribution business, supplying certified organic salad mixes and greens to the wholesale and foodservice sector. Although still a young business, the family behind Jayleaf has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and the company is quickly earning itself a reputation for excellent quality and customer satisfaction. To further enhance its credentials and deliver outstanding product quality to its customers, Jayleaf partnered with TOMRA Sorting Solutions. Read their story here.


  • Smart Sort module to assist operators, improving the contrast between good and defect product
  • Ease of use with intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Optimal detection with high resolution lasers and multiple cameras



TOMRA Insight


TOMRA Insight enables you to turn your sorters into connected devices and to transform sorting from an operational process into a strategic management tool.




Nuts Grains & seeds IQF vegetables and fruit

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Key features

Sensor Technology

The new generation of free-fall sorting solutions combines the efficiency of laser detection together with the camera to sort discolorations and shape of products in free-fall. In addition to these conventional sorting methods, the Nimbus is able to sort based on biological characteristics, such as chlorophyll (Fluo™), mycotoxins (Detox™), water (SWIR), and can be equipped with a hyperspectral camera to identify the material’s unique fingerprint. The ejection system uses an optimal pitch for enhanced removal of defects. The Nimbus can be equipped with front sorting or a Rear Ejection System (RES) for greater flexibility, lower false reject and improved yield.

Product Benefits

  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Upgradeable with camera technology
  • Calibration-free
  • High capacity
  • Optimised sort
  • Increased uptime, quality, throughput, yield

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Nimbus can sort multiple food applications by the following sorting criteria:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Detailed size/geometry
  • Detailed shape
  • Subtle color
  • Subtle defects
  • Biological characteristics data
  • Subtle blemishes
  • Damage
  • Advanced Foreign Material Detection
  • Moisture content
  • Mycotoxins
  • Hyperspectral

Technical specification

 Nimbus 640Nimbus 1200Nimbus 1600
Capacity2 - 6 tons/hr4 - 12 tons/hrN/A
(L x W x H, mm)
3,500 x 2,200 x 2,450 mm (138 x 87 x 96")4,200 x 2,660 x 2,450 mm (165 x 105 x 96")5,550 x 3,050 x 2,450 mm (219 x 120 x 96")
Infeed belt width2,200 mm (86.4")2,200 mm (86.4")2,400 mm (94.2")
Air pressure input6 - 7 bar6 - 7 bar6 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption1ph: 4kVA + 3ph: 2.5kVA1ph: 4kVA + 3ph: 2.5kVA1ph: 4kVA + 3ph: 2.5kVA