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helius™ sorting machine by tomra

The Helius™ free-fall sorting machine provides an optical sorting solution for a wide variety of food applications. The TOMRA Helius™ P sorter specializes in sorting free-flowing dry products such as seeds, rice, nuts, grains, etc.

By implementing the Helius™ in your food processing line, you will be able to guarantee outstanding final product quality and continuous customer satisfaction with products free of unwanted discolorations and foreign material.


  • Ejector Valves Reject Defects Within Milliseconds
  • Compact Footprint Requiring Minimum Space
  • Quality Control and Feedback Accessible With Intuitive Touch Screen
  • Modular Sorting Design
  • Upgradable Components
  • Laser Technologies Tailored to The Applications
  • Synchronization Between Low and High Capacities
  • Highly Efficiency Ejection System
  • Consistent Long Life Accuracy


Dried Fruit Nuts Rice, Grains, and Seeds
IQF vegetables and fruit Seafood


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Key features

Sensor Technology

With up to twelve individual laser signals, the Helius™ and Helius™ P detect colour, structure, size and shape defects from a stream of good product. Powerful air guns remove defects accurately from the good product. The sorting machines are also able to sort based on biological characteristics, invisible to the human eye. Combined with the patented Fluo™ technology, the Helius™ and Helius™ P sorting machines detect the slightest shades of chlorophyll to create an even better contrast between good products and defects.

Other technologies available are SWIR, Detox™ (for aflatoxin) and AFMD. After the inspection of your product, the unwanted material is ejected via a front or a rear ejection system (RES™). The manifold position before or behind the particular product provides high rejection accuracy, efficiency and consistent sorting. The Helius™ sorting machine can also be equipped with a 3-way sorting system for greater flexibility, even lower false reject and improved yield.

Product Benefits

  • Maximum efficiency in all conditions
  • Calibration free
  • Small footprint
  • Upgradeable
  • Self-learning (Smart Sort technology)
  • Low on maintenance
  • Easy to operate

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Helius™ and Helius™ P can sort multiple food applications by the following sorting criteria:

  • Advanced Foreign Material Detection
  • Biological characteristics
  • Chlorophyll
  • Damage
  • Moisture content
  • Mycotoxins
  • Foreign material
  • Subtle blemishes
  • Subtle color
  • Subtle defect

Technical specification

 Helius™ 640Helius™ P 640
Capacity2 - 4 tons/hrDepends on application
(L x W x H, mm)
3,433 x 2,759 x 2,094 mm (135 x 109 x 82")2,784 x 2,759 x 2,486 mm (110 x 109 x 98")
Infeed belt width2,904 mm (114")2,486 mm (98")
Air pressure input2 - 6 bar6 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption1ph: 3kVA + 3ph: 2.5kVA1ph: 5kVA
 Helius™ 1200Helius™ P 1200
Capacity4 - 8 tons/hrDepends on application
(L x W x H, mm)
4,198 x 3,219 x 2,088 mm (165 x 127 x 82")2,997 x 3,219 x 2,486 mm (118 x 127 x 98")
Infeed belt width2,088 mm (82")2,486 mm (98")
Air pressure input2 - 6 bar6 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption1ph: 3kVA + 3ph: 2.5kVA1ph: 5kVA
 Helius™ 1600
Capacity8 - 10 tons/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
5,546 x 3,619 x 2,366 mm (218 x 142 x 93")
Infeed belt width2,366 mm (93")
Air pressure input2 - 6 bar
Electrical consumption1ph: 3kVA + 3ph: 2.5kVA