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13 July 2007

Collection Technology - Deposit Solutions Revenues in the segment equaled 430 MNOK in second quarter 2007, a decrease of 34 percent versus last year as a result of lower machine sales to Germany. Gross margin equaled 44 percent, which is the same as last year. Operating profit decreased from 179 MNOK in second quarter 2006 to 86 MNOK in 2007. Material Handling Revenues in the second quarter 2007 increased by 18 percent to 45.7 MUSD. Measured in NOK, revenues increased by 14 percent to 275 million. The gross margin was stable at 21%. The segment recovered from a somewhat weaker performance in first quarter 2007, and has gained momentum with margins in line with last year. Industrial Processing Technology Second quarter 2007 showed year-over-year growth in revenues of 36 percent. Growth was driven by strong momentum in TiTech and the inclusion of CommoDaS. Adjusted for the CommoDaS acquisition, organic revenue growth was 15 percent. Last year`s second quarter operating profit of 22 MNOK increased to 32 MNOK in second quarter 2007. Collection Technology - Non-Deposit Solutions In the second quarter 2007 TOMRA booked 16 MNOK in revenues in this segment compared to 2 MNOK in 2006. The loss in second quarter increased from 13 MNOK in 2006 to 29 MNOK in 2007. The major part of the increased loss is related to our activities in UK. In addition spending has increased in other markets as well. This is due to increased market interest for TOMRA technology solutions. Asker, 12 July 2007 Tomra Systems ASA