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15 February 2006

- Revenues of 675 MNOK (+2% percent relative to fourth quarter 2004, +6% after adjusting for currency effects and acquisitions/disposals) - Operating profit of 93 MNOK before restructuring charges (70 MNOK in fourth quarter 2004) - Operating profit of 79 MNOK after 14 MNOK in restructuring charges (58 MNOK in fourth quarter 2004) - Cash flow from operations of 131 MNOK RVM Technology Revenues in RVM Technology equaled 356 MNOK in the fourth quarter 2005 versus 328 MNOK in 2004 - an increase of 9 percent. Strong performance in Germany, Holland and the US was the main reason for the increase. TOMRA has received several orders from Germany related to the introduction of nationwide deposit system for non-refillable beverage containers on 1 May 2006. During the fourth quarter of 2005 TOMRA received orders for approximately 4000 RVMs from Aldi Süd, Marktkauf, Metro and Edeka. On 11 January 2006, a large German retailer placed a single order for 4000 RVMs with TOMRA. The company`s current order book from Germany therefore comprises almost 8000 mahcines that will be delivered during 2006, primarily in second and third quarter. Collection & Materials Handling Revenues in the fourth quarter 2005 increased by 2 percent to 30.3 MUSD. Measured in NOK revenues increased by 6 percent to 201 MNOK. The collection business in California experienced a revenue increase of 12 percent to 14.5 MUSD in the fourth quarter due to higher volume and commodity pricing. Measured in NOK revenues increased 17 percent to 96 MNOK in the quarter. Number of containers collected grew by 15 percent over the prior year and the total number of collection sites grew by 10 percent to 433. Recycling Technology TiTech and Orwak Group demonstrated solid performance in the fourth quarter of 2005. Revenues equaled 117 MNOK and the operating profit margin was 16% even after restructuring charges of 2 MNOK. TOMRA anticipates substantially improved results in the first quarter of 2006 versus the previous year based on an order backlog of 70 MNOK entering 2006 versus 35 MNOK entering 2005. Other non-deposit activities TOMRA now has approximately 90 machines installed in Japan, but a closer cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation is required in order to accelerate the placement of machines. TOMRA will continue the positive dialogues with wards in Tokyo for deliveries in 2006 and aims at creating a joint business model together with Sumitomo during the first half of 2006. In the fourth quarter of 2005, TOMRA installed the sixth and final recycling center with TESCO in the UK. The pilot program with TESCO is scheduled to run through the first quarter of 2006. So far feedback from consumers and TESCO has been positive, and TOMRA is currently discussing an expansion of the program with TESCO. A conclusion is expected in the first quarter of 2006.