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20 April 2006

Segment renaming The business segments used in TOMRA`s external reporting will be renamed to better reflect the content of each segment. There will be no changes as to how revenues and costs are allocated. The new segment names are: - Collection Technology (previously RVM Technology) - Materials Handling (previously Collection and Materials Handling) - Industrial Processing Technology (previously Recycling Technology) - Development Initiatives (previously Other non- deposit activities) Collection Technology Revenues equaled 503 MNOK in first quarter 2006, an increase of 101 percent versus last year. Gross margin equaled 44 percent, down from 49 percent last year. Operating profit increased to 116 MNOK in first quarter 2006 against 31 MNOK in 2005. Strong performance in Germany, Holland and the US was the main reason for the improvements. Europe Revenues amounted to 409 MNOK in first quarter 2006, up 142 percent versus first quarter 2005. In Germany, TOMRA has so far received orders for approximately 9,400 RVMs. Almost 5,400 of these RVMs were ordered during first quarter 2006. In the same period, TOMRA installed 1,300 new machines and upgraded 700 existing machines. US East & Canada Revenues equaled 14.0 MUSD in first quarter 2006, up 9 percent from first quarter 2005. Measured in NOK, revenues increased by 16 percent to 94 MNOK. Materials Handling Revenues in first quarter 2006 increased by 9 percent to 32.6 MUSD. Measured in NOK, revenues were 218 million. Both the gross and operating margin improved in first quarter 2006 compared to 2005. Industrial Processing Technology Performance improved considerably compared to last year. Revenues equaled 100 MNOK, up 52 percent versus first quarter 2005. Last year`s operating loss of 9 MNOK changed to a profit of 13 MNOK. Development initiatives Revenues from this segment during first quarter 2006 amounted to 1 MNOK. Overall costs related to development activities are at the same level as last year.

Japan TOMRA installed 10 RVMs in Japan in first quarter 2006. Discussions with wards in Tokyo for further installations in 2006 are ongoing. TOMRA is currently negotiating a partnership agreement with Sumitomo Corporation. TRC pilot in the UK TESCO is evaluating an expansion of the TRC progam in the UK. In the fourth quarter 2005 presentation, TOMRA stated that a decision was expected during the first quarter this year. However, no formal contract has yet been signed - the discussions continue.