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21 December 2005

Edeka Group, a large German retail association including SPAR and Netto (Maxhütte), has chosen TOMRA as its main supplier of combined reverse vending machine systems for refillable and non- refillable beverage containers in Germany. TOMRA has received an initial order for 900 new machines and for upgrading 550 already installed refillable machines to also handle non-refillable containers. This order comes in addition to the already announced order from Marktkauf, which also belongs to the Edeka Group. The installation of new machines and the upgrades of already installed machines will be initiated early in 2006 and continue throughout the year. For further comments please contact President & CEO Amund Skarholt, phone +47 97 55 94 25 Asker, 21 December 2005 Tomra Systems ASA