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TOMRA 3C: A new era of sorting with laser technology

The TOMRA 3C offers a unique solution at the front of the processing line that delivers a consistently very high quality in-shell sort with an extremely low false rejection rate, all while maintaining a high throughput rate.

Combining a high-resolution color camera with either Laser or Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology, the product is able to meet the highest food security and quality standards. The double-sided RGB cameras combined with high-intensity, focused LED lighting detect the subtlest color and shape defects, while NIR sensor accurately identifies foreign materials such as sticks, hulls, stick-tights and plastics. The ejection system features a high-speed valve with a direct nozzle connection, which ensures high-precision rejection with extremely low false rejects, while the soft-landing chute guarantees minimal breakage. The result is consistent high quality of the output product.

The TOMRA 3C requires minimal tweaks and adjustments, which contributes to a high-stability performance and consistent quality, and means its implementation is quick and easy. Operators will find the TOMRA 3C to be easy to use, with advanced tuning made simple by the application-specific tuning parameters and intuitive GUI. Maintenance is quick, with features such as the tool-free removal of the landing chute. The timed cleaning of the intelligent automatic cleaning system, together with the remote and on-screen warning, always ensures maximum uptime with the machine performing at its best.

A further significant benefit of the TOMRA 3C is its modular design, so that it can be sized to the customer’s specific requirements with 2, 3 or 4 chutes. Most importantly, each chute is completely independent of the others, so that the machine can sort different defects on each chute, or looping product – for example, hash – through multiple passes to ensure pure Foreign Material (FM) is ejected on one end and pure kernels on the other. This means the customer has all the advantages of high capacity and efficiency together with high-quality product that commands higher prices on the market, resulting in greater profitability for their business.