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The next big step in sensor-based waste sorting

As a global leader in sensor-based sorting systems, TOMRA works continuously to spearhead technological development. The latest big step was taken with the launch of the AUTOSORT with FLYING BEAM® technology.


While machines of the third generation utilized many external lamps to light up the whole area beneath the sensor area in order for the NIR (Near Infrared) sensor to function, the AUTOSORT applies FLYING BEAM® technology where both the emitted and the reflected light follow the same path. Lamps mount inside the housing to protect them against contamination, and there are no external arms for lamps. Only the area of the conveyor belt that is being scanned is lit. That way the technology of AUTOSORT 4 covers an expanded temperature range where passive cooling replaces active cooling equipment for temperatures of up to 50°C.

State of the art sensor-based sorting

Sensor-based sorting technology has become state of the art in modern recycling plants. TOMRA’s innovative sensors scan and identify different materials faster and more accurately than conventional techniques or human hands. Our systems help to recover a wide range of materials from different waste streams such as single stream, packaging, paper and household waste.

Our sorting technology delivers purer fractions, higher output and steadier performance, and saves manpower, time and money. The AUTOSORT 4 is the latest innovation in our portfolio of sensor-based sorting equipment.

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