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Ground-breaking meat analysis

For several years, TOMRA has worked to develop the ODENBERG QVision - a fat, protein and moisture analysis solution for the meat industry that allows suppliers to provide a consistent product quality.

Qvision process analytics by TOMRA

Thanks to this solution, food manufacturers create large savings by increasing profitability and simplifying daily operation.

The QVision system measures fat, protein, moisture and weight in fresh or frozen meat, at any grind size, across the full width of its conveyor belt, with analysis penetrating far into the meat.

Maximum benefits

Using QVision, meat processors can secure the maximum benefits available from in-line fat analysis and control. Even with carcass classification, cutting patterns and employees possessing decades of experience, large variations in the fat levels of input meat are inevitable. With its accuracy, price point, ease of integration and ability to simplify production control, the system has the potential to make in-line fat analysis mainstream. The machine can easily handle 30 tons per hour.

The system also help suppliers of products based on ground meat achieve consistent product quality, taste and texture. TOMRA Sorting Food is experiencing an increased interest in the solutions as retail and restaurant chain demand rises,, and installations are already taking place at customers’ facilities in Germany, Poland, Austria and the USA.

Great value for customers

Utilizing the QVision for traceability and quality control of raw materials can drive smarter purchasing and, for many customers, reduced time spent on correction and overworking will result in better utilization of production lines and improved quality. More and more customers are also finding great value in the monitoring and benchmarking offered by the machine.

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