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InVision2: Raising the bar for cherry grading

InVision2 delivers the most accurate cherry sizing and grading performance on the market today, raising the bar on detection of fine defects, such as stem pulls, bruising, sutures, small scarring and other small-size blemishes.

InVision2 features ultra-high-resolution optics for the detection of fine blemishes, while new LED lighting provides greater illumination of each cherry. It also introduces an all-new compute and electrical system which provides a step-change in performance and a platform for future software releases to deliver further improvements over time, so that InVision2 will grow and evolve with the customers’ requirements.

The product’s extremely accurate defect grading enables consistent throughput irrespective of fruit quality, and maximizes yield and returns for the packhouse and grower. The greater precision of the system also reduces the operators’ workload, to the benefit of the overall operation.

InVision2 can be further enhanced with the TotalView module to provide seven views, delivering the only system capable of true 100% surface inspection of the cherry at true production speeds. The positioning of the TotalView cameras at a low angle ensures optimal coverage of the cherry stem bowl or nose, critical areas where defects have previously been difficult to detect. This unique field of view enables InVision2 TotalView to deliver the clearest and most complete view of the cherry available on the market.