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TOMRA Sorting opens new offices in Roses, Spain

Local authorities attended the event along with several company directors and a large group of specialized journalists.

09 Oktober 2015

The new premises consist of several offices, a meeting room, the TOMRA Care technical center, and a storeroom for spare and replacement parts. On October 8th, TOMRA Sorting officially opened its new offices in Roses (Girona). The growth of company markets in Spain and Portugal has led to the need to implement an expansion strategy in its facilities, with new and modern offices in Roses, meanwhile maintaining its commitment to local area development.

The opening was attended by the honorable Mayor of Roses, Ms. Montserrat Mindan i Cortada, who inaugurated the event with a short speech in which she highlighted the importance of attracting innovative companies with international renown such as TOMRA Sorting Recycling, of undoubted social and economic value for the region.

After her, Mr. Tom Eng, TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s General Manager, spoke. He began by describing the parent company, the TOMRA Group, its evolution, expansion, growth and results. Then he outlined the major distinguishing features of the company, which is clearly focused on sustainability and the creation of technological solutions capable of optimizing natural resources. In his view, TOMRA aspires, moreover, to lead an unstoppable, vital revolution in sustainability.

Mr. Eng also stressed the advantages of sensor sorting technology and presented the units the company has developed, highlighting their different applications in materials recovery. He finished off his presentation by speaking of the new customer support service, TOMRA Care, and of the dedication of the company’s engineers to the “development of customized solutions for individual needs”.

Ms. Teresa Sauri, the owner of the building, also attended the opening. Likewise attending were numerous journalists from the press specialized in the environment and waste management, who arrived from different parts of Spain to cover the event. The day before, these same reporters, along with the TOMRA Sorting Recycling management team, made a technical visit to the Ecopark 4 plant in Hostalets de Pierola (Barcelona), a mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) plant, where in situ they learned about TOMRA Sorting’s advanced sensor sorting technology and saw the plant equipment in operation, recovering diverse materials.

Judit Jansana, TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s Commercial Director for Spain and Portugal, also praised the firm’s prominent position internationally, currently the third-largest market worldwide, in the number of units installed using TOMRA technology, behind Germany and the USA. 

Jansana began her address by going over the company’s history, origin and evolution in Spain. She mentioned PARTIM, the old distributor, which was absorbed into the TITECH GROUP and acquired by TOMRA, A.S. in 2004. It later changed its name to TOMRA Sorting Recycling. She went on to describe how the evolution of the Spanish and Portuguese markets grew apace with the workforce and how, as the number of units installed increased, a change of mentality occurred, from that of “a garage company to a multinational company”. She wound up by describing TOMRA Care’s strategy and future vision.

Next up, Jordi Ramajo, Director of Aftersales Service and Projects for Spain and Portugal at TOMRA Sorting Recycling, also centered his presentation on TOMRA Care, the latest concept developed by the company to provide customized solutions for its customers. TOMRA Care is an integrated package of aftersales services, comprising 28 products covering all areas of technical consultation of processes, sorting equipment trials, financing, insurance, training and updates of installed units.v

TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s new premises for Spain and Portugal are for shared use and will be utilized by all TOMRA Sorting Solutions divisions: Recycling, Mining, and Food. The company’s new infrastructure includes an area of offices with a multimedia meeting room, next to an innovative technical room for TOMRA Care, dedicated to training, workshop and testing activities, as well as a storeroom for spare and replacement parts, among other spaces.v

After the speeches, guests enjoyed a visit to the TOMRA Care technical room before sitting down to a lunch served to celebrate the first day of work at TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s new premises.