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International recycling specialists TOMRA Sorting will share its world-leading expertise at one of the Middle East’s largest waste management events, EcoWaste (19 - 22 January 2015, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre).

07 Januar 2015

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting

TOMRA Sorting experts will be on hand to discuss the latest technological advances that allow the recovery of valuable recyclables from MSW on a commercial scale.

Visitors to the TOMRA stand (10250) will be able to find out more about the company’s approach to dealing with MSW and how this can provide a solution to the current issues faced by the Middle East’s waste management system. Visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss the process and high purity recovery capabilities of TOMRA´s TITECH sensor-based sorting technology.

Issues surrounding black bag waste in the Middle East
Tasos Bereketidis, Regional Director Middle East & Africa at TOMRA Sorting, comments: “This is our second time at EcoWaste and we’re delighted to be back at this year’s show to highlight the issues surrounding black bag waste in this region. Through our extensive research and experience in recycling across a vast number of waste streams, including commercial and industrial, demolition and packaging, we have been able to overcome barriers by using sensor-based technology to sort MSW, recovering high purity recyclables and diverting valuable materials from landfill.”

Facility design is a crucial factor
For visitors wishing to find out how sensor-based technology should be incorporated when designing a materials recycling facility (MRF), Tasos will be delivering a seminar at the exhibition.  Facility design is a crucial factor in recovering valuable recyclables from waste. In his seminar, Tasos will explain why design process should be considered holistically - from the input material and how it enters the plant to the final desired outcomes.  The seminar – Project Steps for designing a successful MRF – Case study in Kuwait takes place on Tuesday 20 January from 14.15 to 14.30.

Tasos concludes: “We look forward to welcoming EcoWaste attendees to our stand or to my seminar to find out how recovering recyclables using sensor-based technology makes sense from a commercial, environmental and economic perspective.”