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Life at TOMRA

Are you a prospective TOMRA employee? Would you like to know how it is to work at our company? What’s our culture like? How could a work day look like? What’s driving our people?

Founded on an innovation 40 years ago, TOMRA has kept a distinct entrepreneurial spirit even as the company has grown into new business areas and geographic locations. If you ask our people what is typical TOMRA to them, they will use words like solutions-oriented, independent, friendly, down-to-earth, trustworthy, pragmatic, respectful and proudly engaged in something that matters, not just for them, but for society at large.

Every year, TOMRA employees participate in the international Great Place to Work survey to express opinions about what it’s like to work with us. The latest results (2013) show that 80% of our employees think that TOMRA is a great place to work. In 2014, Great Place to Work announced that TOMRA was among their top ten Best Workplaces in Norway in the category for medium-sized companies. 

People at TOMRA spend their workdays creating solutions for optimal resource productivity. What does that mean in practice? It means that a group of engineers, sales, marketing, IT, administration and production personnel spend their days developing, producing, selling, servicing and communicating about innovative solutions for food sorting, mining, recycling, reverse vending and material recovery.

Whether they’re based in Europe, United States of America, Asia, etc.they all contribute their skills and expertise in the transformation of how we obtain, use, and reuse resources for sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life for all.

Meet our team to see more about what life at TOMRA is like.

TOMRA is also a company in transformation. During the last two years, we have changed our company from a loose entity of several different brands, into one unified TOMRA that is focused on pursuing one common mission: to create sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity. We believe that this unification will make us stronger and better positioned to provide the best possible solutions for our customers in the future. Join us in leading the resource revolution!